Turning colorful wood into useful, beautiful tools, since1978.

My unexpected, artistic journey began while driving (NH to CA) in the mid-1970's. I joined Berkeley's street artist scene after finishing college, when Dad's $500 "con-grad-ulations" gift paid for second-hand woodworking tools.

Early creative designs included band-sawn “pocket boxes” with toothpick hinges, followed by silly toys ("names-on-wheels") and gadgets to manage some task for me -- like "magne-dots" to keep my potholder handy on the fridge.

Craft shows and (returning East in 2008) quilt shows followed. One customer's need inspired my design of a magnetic scissor pendant. That, and other tools of mine were featured in magazines of the trade: Quilter's Home, Just CrossStitch, Stitch with Style, and Vogue Patterns.

My popular line of original sewing tools includes that pendant, and my:

magnetic and "Half-Flat" seam rippers | magnetic stiletto/laying tool | pin cushions and magnetic cups & goblets | magnetic chained-piece cutters
magnetic beading-needle threaders | edge-pressers for paper piecing | collectible thimbles | double-point knitting needle "end-caps" | magnetic "dipped-egg" rug hooks | and the ever-handy magne-dots! (Turns out those dots are very useful for quilters changing rotary blades.)

The woods I use to create these heirloom-quality pieces include natural, domestic hardwoods like maple, walnut, cherry, bocote, olive, and some spalted woods, as well as DymondWood (the oh-so-rare, dyed birch laminate from the fire-ravaged, now extinct, Rutland Plywood Corporation).

To extend my dwindling stash, I create "hybrids" by joining natural woods with an accenting nugget of precious DW. Each piece is turned freehand on my lathe, so every one is unique! Satisfaction is guaranteed; custom requests are welcomed.

The Magnificent Magne-Dot
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Intro to the woodshop and demo of Cynthia turning the gizmo that helps quilters replace rotary blades without bloodshed.

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