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Welcome to Winner Designs for Sewing & Quilting! “No Slipping, No Kidding” Templates & Rulers!

I’ve been with Martelli Enterprises since 2002 demonstrating their revolutionary tools. I’m their Education Director and am obsessed with making sure sewers and quilters understand the value of the Get a Grip material. Yes, I know the templates aren’t see-through…! But the beauty of these tools is that they don’t need to be see-through!

Once you ‘get it’, have that ‘ah-ha’ moment, then you too will be obsessed with the Get a Grip material. And if you haven’t had that ‘ah-ha’ moment yet, make sure you check out some of the videos where I show you why see-through is no longer important. Or if you ever get a chance to come to one of the trade shows, make sure you come by the booth or take one of my classes so you can ‘get it’!

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