"I am a silversmith. I make and sell sterling silver thimbles and sewing tools."

Jan Marie Larson is a silversmith who creates sterling silver thimbles. Her amazingly comfortable tools will quickly become favorite family heirlooms, passing down through generations of creative stitchers like you!

These treasured handmade thimbles come with a lifetime guarantee: Jan will repair and/or replace it for the life of the thimble… she will also trade you sizes and styles at any time. This is a great gift for a grandchild because she can come and choose a new size/style as often as she needs it for her growing fingers.

Each thimble is created using the lost wax process; meaning that every piece is first made out of wax. The wax is then burned out and replaced with molten silver to form a thimble that is unique — like you!

They are all 925-sterling silver and rarely allergenic. (925 parts out of 1000 are fine silver and the rest is a combination of copper and zinc)

2148 S 32nd St., Fairfield IA 52556 - 641-751-9061

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