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Sewing Tips for working with Minky!

Use sharp scissors and\or 60mm rotary cutter

90/14 or 100/16 needles and Walking foot

Wonder clips and flat head flower pins

Lengthen your stitch length to 8 stitches per inch

Batting is recommended to give structure,weight and gives quilting more dimension

Toss cut pieces in dryer with damp cloth and no heat…all the fuzz goes away and no mess!!

Sewing 2 pieces of Minky together can be a bit of a pain because of its tendency to stretch. When possible, place your 2 pieces together, with one piece running with the straight of the grain and the other against the straight of the grain. You will be amazed how much more stable it is!
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How often should you change your sewing machine needle?

Although a lot of us tend to forget, the best practice is to always start a new project with a fresh new needle!
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Frixion Pens

Did you know you can extend the life of your Frixion marking pens by storing them in the refrigerator when not using. Keeping them cool will prolong the life! The butter tray is a perfect spot!!
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Know your Needles!

The first number is the European number, the second number is the American Number 70/10
80/12 90/14 100/16

The higher the number the thicker the needle. For light weight fabric use a thinner needle 70/10
Midweights use a 80/13. Thicker fabrics 90/14 or 100/16

Also if using thicker thread like a 12 weight thread you will need larger needle like 100/16
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New Sewing Machine?

The most important thing you can do is:

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Having a hard time grabbing your needle?

If you have trouble gripping your needle when doind hand work, and don't have any needle grippers, you can use a small piece of a balloon. It works great!
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Flannel for Batting?

Flannel makes a great substitute for batting, but remember that anytime you use flannel for a quilt, you should wash and dry the flannel 6 times.

Many flannels will continue to shrink a bit for several washings, depending on the manufacturer.