Incredible Wrap

Incredible Wrap is a reusable,
non-adhesive, self- clinging tape
 that has hundreds of uses.

Magnetic Invisible Hangers

Magnificent Quilting Company is the home of the Magnetic Invisible Hanger, a very simple, versatile method for hanging all kinds and sizes of quilts.

The hanger is also ideal for hanging metal art, wooden art, textiles, pictures...all kinds of things...without putting holes in your walls! MQC also offers Incredible Wrap, a great tool to have for your sewing area as well as general household use.

Magnetic Invisible Hanger Demo
Watch Video

Demonstrates the installation of and many ways to use the Magnetic Invisible Hangers along with tips and tricks

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Orders from our website get free shipping as well as an extra plate/magnet when ordering a package of hangers.
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